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Monatliches Archiv: Dezember 2011

Der Chesterton Adventskalender – Tag 17

That truth that is tradition has wisely remembered them almost as unknown quantities, as mysterious as their mysterious and melodious names; Melchior, Caspar, Balthazar. But there came with them all that world of wisdom that had watched the stars in Chaldea and the sun in Persia; and we shall not be wrong if we see […]

„Maria nur für Rentner?“ reloaded

Am 9. Dezember hatte PuLa gefragt, ob der de facto Ausfall des Hochfests Mariä Erwählung selbst in der Diaspora wirklich sein müsse und die Frage, natürlich, verneint. Die interessanten Kommentare zu diesem Posting zeigen, daß wir es hier leider offenbar mit einem deutschlandweiten Problem zu tun haben, und auch Schwierigkeiten darüber hinaus. Weil ich finde, […]

Der Chesterton Adventskalender – Tag 16

And the thing they found was of a kind with the things they sought. The populace had been wrong in many things; but they had not been wrong in believing that holy things could have a habitation and that divinity need not disdain the limits of time and space. […] The place that the shepherds […]

Der Chesterton Adventskalender – Tag 15

Upon all such peasantries everywhere there was descending a dusk and twilight of disappointment, in the hour when these few men discovered what they sought. Everywhere else Arcadia was fading from the forest. Pan was dead and the shepherds were scattered like sheep. And though no man knew it, the hour was near which was […]

Der Chesterton Adventskalender – Tag 14

Men of the people, like the shepherds, men of the popular tradition, had everywhere been the makers of the mythologies. It was they who had felt most directly, with least check or chill from philosophy or the corrupt cults of civilisation, the need we have already considered; the images that were adventures of the imagination; […]

Der Chesterton Adventskalender – Tag 13

But in the riddle of Bethlehem it was heaven that was under the earth. There is in that alone the touch of a revolution, as of the world turned upside down. It would be vain to attempt to say anything adequate, or anything new, about the change which this conception of a deity born like […]

Der Chesterton Adventskalender – Tag 12

But while all have realized that it was a stable, not so many have realized that it was a cave. Some critics have even been so silly as to suppose that there was some contradiction between the stable and the cave; in which case they cannot know much about caves or stables in Palestine. As […]

Sketchlet zum Advent No. 3 – Die Schriftauslegung

Auf den Wiesen vor Wundersdorf spitzt sich die Frage nach der Gestaltung des Krippenspiels langsam zu und nimmt grundsätzliche Züge an. Dabei stellt sich heraus, daß diese Schafe sogar dichten können – in Englisch!   Die Schriftauslegung Ein Sketchlet zum Dritten Advent 2011 für vier Schafe, beliebig viele Schafstatisten und Hochwürden Pfarrer Conrad Kneif   […]

Der Chesterton Adventskalender – Tag 11

It might be suggested, in a somewhat violent image, that nothing had happened in that fold or crack in the great grey hills except that the whole universe had been turned inside out. I mean that all the eyes of wonder and worship which had been turned outwards to the largest thing were now turned […]

Der Chesterton Adventskalender – Tag 10

Similarly, you cannot suspend the idea of a new-born child in the void or think of him without thinking of his mother. You cannot visit the child without visiting the mother; you cannot in common human life approach the child except through the mother. If we are to think of Christ in this aspect at […]